Bullet Proof Mind

There’s this saying by Thomas Paine:

“An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot.”

Although we don’t literally mean fighting in the battlefield, this quote can be taken as being mentally disciplined in all areas of your life!

You might be upset from someone’s casual nasty remark…

You might even be frustrated that someone “stole” your ride or even taking blame for someone’s fault…

Whatever the unfortunate incidents happened in your life, those are just part and parcel of life.

Question is, do we want to continuously blame fate or other people for that matter?

It will go NOWHERE…

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Whether you are happy or sad, life still moves on…

Should that be the case, why not live life the way you choose?

Rather than allowing your emotions go wild and unchecked, why not you:

Keep calm and keep moving?

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Talk soon!

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